Offshore Deployment, Flexible Pipe & Cable Handling

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Complementary equipment and services from Motive Offshore Group

Flowline Specialists is part of the Motive Offshore Group, which enables us to offer our clients an enhanced range of products and services. It specialises in high-capacity marine equipment, such as winches, umbilical deployment equipment, and specialised subsea equipment.

The equipment range includes various drum winches up to the 320Te ‘Beast from the North-East’, spooling winches up to 350Te, hydraulic coilers and renewable hybrid power systems. Alongside the substantial fleet of equipment, Motive Offshore Group also deliver flexible flowline and umbilical testing, while LEEA trained wire rope inspectors provide a wide range of spooling and inspection services to maximise rope performance and safety.

For more information visit the Motive Offshore website.

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