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Hampers Donated To Local Health Care Facilities

In March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown restrictions implemented by the UK government, and governments around the world, transformed our way of life.

The daily routines that people of all ages were so used to were halted. The necessities and luxuries that were purchased on shopping trips became harder to find and those trips themselves became less frequent. Long-planned holidays became distant memories as travel restrictions were imposed. All the while, families were endeavouring to keep themselves safe in order to avoid catching COVID-19.

For the country’s army of medical staff, carers and other key workers life had to continue, although with a quite different feel. The pandemic thrust the spotlight on these individuals. It highlighted the important work that they do to save lives, care for elderly and vulnerable individuals and keep key supply routes open, services running and industries operating.

There was a newfound appreciation for Britain’s nurses, doctors, care workers, postal staff, refuse collectors, delivery van and lorry drivers, and many other workers. The situation made everyone stop and think about the work undertaken by these individuals. As a collective the country stopped at 8pm on Thursday nights for 10 weeks to say Thank You with the Clap for Carers.


Many went much further – covering the distance of marathons or climbing the equivalent height of mountains – to raise money to support NHS charities and other good causes. Companies around the country, like ourselves at Flowline Specialists, did what they could. Whether it was a big or small display of gratitude or help, each was appreciated by those that benefitted.

One of the things that Flowline Specialists did was to acknowledge the fantastic work done by the teams at three local care facilities. In April, we dropped off a little pick-me-up for the staff at Inverurie Health & Care Hub, Turriff Hospital and Westbank Care Home in Oldmeldrum to help brighten their day during the pandemic, which had brought new challenges to their working day.

Hampers_for_carers_1.jpg  Hampers_for_carers_2.jpg


We asked the team at Longleys Country Store in Maud to create hampers for us to deliver to the three facilities. Each hamper was packed with tasty treats, juices and fresh fruit, providing a snack to accompany a morning tea break or a sweet treat at lunchtime. It was a small token, but one that we hoped would bring a smile, lift spirits, and show how grateful people were for the work that staff at these facilities were doing.

Along with showing our support to local health care facilities, we supported a local, rural business at a time when doing so was more important than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the importance of communities helping one another and for us all to, where possible, buy local in order to back local businesses and sustain regional economies.

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